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Real Estate Due Diligence – Phase I & Phase II

SurePoint performs Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments (ESA’s) as part of real estate due diligence. These due diligence assessments are completed in compliance with current American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards and All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) requirements. The SurePoint staff has performed hundreds of Phase I and Phase II site assessments on a variety of property types.
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Investigation & Remediation Services

Beyond Phase I and Phase II Site Assessments SurePoint has extensive experience in performing subsurface and vapor investigations to determine the nature and extent of environmental impacts from contaminant releases. SurePoint works closely with client and regulators to develop goal-oriented investigations that lead toward site closure. Our environmental professionals prepare robust conceptual site models (CSMs) to design and implement a cost effective remedial strategy.
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Environmental Project Management

Our extensive experience in environmental consulting operations, job costing and estimating, cleanup cost reserve setting, as well as knowledge of industry standard practices and pricing present us as an objective third party management/oversight option. Our experience can guide entities through the assessment, investigation, and remediation process and assist in choosing both strategies and/or contractors in an unbiased fashion with all stakeholders’ goals in mind.
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A pragmatic approach to environmental solutions

SurePoint Environmental Associates' goal is to assist clients' navigation through the obstacles that environmental issues present to the success of their business. This idea of a client first approach to such environmental obstacles is the inspiration behind our motto of "A pragmatic approach to environmental solutions". We understand that as property owners, business owners, managers, etc. that the goals of your business become more difficult when environmental issues arise. We pride ourselves on having the client's best business interest in mind.