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Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Gas-BuildingIMG_0700Phase II Invesitigation

SurePoint was contracted by a developer to determine if a property is contaminated from past underground storage tank (UST) operation over 30 years ago. Based on the site walk and historical aerial photographs, the location of the former pump islands and UST farm was identified.  SurePoint advanced eight (8) soil borings on-site and collected seven (7) soil samples and four (4) groundwater samples for laboratory analysis.  Results from the environmental laboratory revealed that the subsurface media (soil and groundwater) were contaminated by past UST operations.   The investigation saved the developer from purchasing the liability associated with the characterization and remediation of a former retail gasoline station.  Often times in cases like this SurePoint can assist the buyer and seller in a property transfer that protects both parties from exposure to high remediation costs.