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Recent Testimonials – Soil Characterization

Test Pit

SurePoint was contracted by a local engineering firm to characterize and determine waste handling procedures for 150,000 cubic yards (cy) of potentially impacted soil.  Within a short time frame SurePoint collaborated with all parties, prepared a Phase 2 investigation scope, collected and presented data to the state regulators that demonstrated the spoil pile was not a regulated material.  This determination allows the municipality to stay on schedule with the sale and groundbreaking activities on a 100 acre parcel which will lead to local job creation in the community.

SurePoint exceeded my expectations.  Jeremy and Joe were both very professional and personable.  Their fast and thorough work helped ensure that a Fortune 500 Firm would break ground in an Indiana City.  Within two weeks, they were able to perform over 140 soil samples throughout a 150,000 cubic yard stockpile and provide clear documentation with which Indiana’s Department of Environmental Management concurred.  A previous analysis, performed by a different environmental firm, deemed the same stockpile contaminated waste; however, SurePoint’s efforts, combined with their knowledge and experience, resulted in the material being classified properly as clean material.  They ultimately saved the City, the County, and their taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Carly Sheets, P.E.
Road Project Manager
Butler, Fairman & Seufert, Inc.