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Environmental Services

SurePoint Environmental Associates, Inc. offers expertise with a wide range of environmental consulting services  in Indiana and the Midwest.

INDOT Prequalified Environmental Consultant

SurePoint Environmental is an approved Prequalified Consultant on the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) consultants list for ESA Screening, Phase I, Phase II, and Remedial Design. If your transportation project has potential environmental issues call SurePoint Environmental Associates. SurePoint will partner with your firm to help you meet the projects goals.




Phase I / Phase II

  • Phase I ESAs (ASTM E-1527-05, E-1527-13) – AAI Compliant
  • Environmental Transaction Screen (ASTM 1528)
  • Desktop Property Database Reviews
  • Pre-purchase Consultation Service
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Vapor Exposure Assessments
  • Lead Based Paint Sampling
  • Limited/Modified Environmental Reports
  • Right-Of-Way Corridor ESAs
  • Risk Based Assessments
  • Quick turnaround of assessments to inform of potential “deal-breaking” environmental issues
  • Phase II Subsurface Investigations
    • Soil boring(s) with sampling and analysis
    • Simple yes no subsurface media impact assessments
    • Impact Extent Investigations
    • Existing Groundwater Monitoring Well Sampling

Site Investigation and Characterization

State Cleanup, Independent Closure Process Sites (ICP), Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP) Sites, Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Sites

  • Initial Site Characterization and Subsurface Investigations
    • Former Industrial Sites
    • Foundries
    • Dry Cleaners
    • Airports
    • Retail and Bulk Gasoline Storage Facilities
    • Abandoned Property with Historical Operation of Concern
  • Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation, Sampling and well decommission
  • Sample and Analysis Plan
  • Conceptual Site Model (CSM) development
  • Remedial Work Plan
  • Exposure Assessments
  • Risk Based Closures
  • IDEM Remediation Closure Guide

Vapor Intrusion (VI) Assessment and Mitigation

  • Indoor air quality assessment and sampling
  • Sub-slab port installation and sampling
  • Vapor Mitigation
  • Sub-slab Depressurization System
  • Sub-membrane Depressurization System

Remediation – Innovative and Cost Effective Design Services

  • Natural attenuation via groundwater monitoring well installation and monitoring
  • Risk-Based Closure with Exposure Pathway Elimination and Multiple Lines of Evidence
  • Treatment of soils via excavation and off-site disposal, on-site aeration, and bio-remediation
  • Enhanced bio-degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons utilizing above-ground batch treatment, injection and air-sparging
  • Enhanced bio-degradation of chlorinated solvents utilizing above-ground batch treatment, and other direct injection techniques
  • Soil vapor extraction of petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated volatile organic compounds.
  • Dual phase extraction or free phases, dissolved phases, and vapor hydrocarbons from above and below the water table
  • Operation & Maintenance Services
  • Annual compliance



3rd Party Oversight Assistance

  • Evaluation of Previous and on-going work activities
  • Project Management Oversight
  • Invoice Review and Opinion
  • Reserve Setting or Reserve Setting Review

Asset / Estate Preservation

  • Assess and Clean-it before you leave it
  • Site Cleanup prior to sale of your property

3rd Party Funding Assistance

  • Indiana Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF)
  • Insurance Recovery Assistance
    • Historical Research
      • Insurance Archaeology
      • PRP Research
    • Experienced Legal Counsel Referrals

Brownfield Redevelopment

  • Program Management
  • Comfort Letters
  • Site Status Letter Requests
  • USEPA Brownfields Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs)
  • Comfort Letter and Site Status Request Letters
  • Site Identification
  • Subsurface investigations tailored to meet development and acquisition schedules
  • Construction safety programs
  • Remediation Cost Estimating
  • Recognizing and inventorying of Brownfield development prospects
  • Identifying sources of public and private development assistance
  • Grant application preparation and implementation
  • Federal, state, and local agency coordination
  • Public outreach