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Investigation & Remediation Services

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Investigation & Remediation Services

SurePoint Environmental Associates provides full service environmental site investigation and remediation services to address a variety of pollutant conditions. Our dedicated team works efficiently to test and develop effective solutions. Our investigation team is up-to-date on federal, state and local regulations across the country. Contact us to learn more about how SurePoint Environmental can help you on your project.

SurePoint Enviro Groundwater TestingSite Investigation and Characterization

State Cleanup, Independent Closure Process Sites (ICP), Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP) Sites, Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Sites

  • Initial Site Characterization and Subsurface Investigations
    • Retail and Bulk Gasoline Storage Facilities
    • Former Industrial Sites
    • Foundries
    • Operating or Former Dry Cleaning Facilities
    • Airports and Airport Maintenance Facilities
    • Abandoned Property with Historical Operations of Concern
  • Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation, Sampling and Well Decommission
  • Sample and Analysis Plan
  • Conceptual Site Model (CSM) development
  • Remedial Work Plan
  • Risk Based Closures
  • IDEM Remediation Closure Guide

Vapor Intrusion (VI) Assessment and Mitigation

  • Indoor Air (IA) Quality Assessment and Sampling
  • Sub-slab soil gas (SGss) Port installation and Sampling
  • Exterior Soil Gas (SGe) Port installation and Sampling
  • Crawl Space Air (CSA) Evaluation/Assessment
  • Vapor Mitigation
  • Sub-slab Depressurization System
  • Sub-membrane Depressurization System

soil-samples-longRemediation – Innovative and Cost Effective Design Services

  • Natural attenuation via groundwater monitoring well installation and monitoring
  • Risk-Based Closure with Exposure Pathway Elimination and Multiple Lines of Evidence
  • Treatment of soils via excavation and off-site disposal, on-site aeration, and bio-remediation
  • Enhanced bio-degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons utilizing above-ground batch treatment, injection and air-sparging
  • Enhanced bio-degradation of chlorinated solvents utilizing above-ground batch treatment, and other direct injection techniques
  • Soil vapor extraction of petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated volatile organic compounds.
  • Green Remediation
  • Dual phase extraction or free phases, dissolved phases, and vapor hydrocarbons from above and below the water table
  • Operation & Maintenance Services
  • Annual compliance

“All cleanup approaches, and all elements of the cleanup process, can be optimized to enhance their overall environmental outcome; therefore, green remediation involves more than merely adopting a specific technology or technique.” EPA Principles for Greener Cleanups.