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Project Management & Oversight

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Project Management & Oversight

Our extensive experience in environmental consulting operations, job costing and estimating, cleanup cost reserve setting, as well as knowledge of industry standard practices and pricing present us as an objective third party management/oversight option. Our experience can guide entities through the assessment, investigation, and remediation process and assist in choosing both strategies and/or contractors in an unbiased fashion with all stakeholders’ goals in mind.

construction-plans3rd Party Oversight Assistance

  • Evaluation of Previous and on-going work activities
  • Project Management Oversight
  • Invoice Review and Opinion
  • Reserve Setting or Reserve Setting Review

Asset / Estate Preservation

  • Assess and Clean it before you leave it
  • Site Cleanup prior to sale of your property

3rd Party Funding Assistance

  • Indiana Excess Liability Trust Fund
  • Insurance Recovery Assistance
    • Historical Research
      • Insurance Archaeology
      • PRP Research
    • Experienced Legal Counsel Referrals

diggerBrownfield Redevelopment

  • Program Management
  • USEPA Brownfields Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs)
  • Site Identification
  • Subsurface investigations tailored to meet development and acquisition schedules
  • Construction safety programs
  • Remediation Cost Estimating
  • Recognizing and inventorying of brownfield development prospects
  • Identifying sources of public and private development assistance
  • Grant application preparation and implementation
  • Federal, state, and local agency coordination
  • Public outreach