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Real Estate Due Diligence

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Gas-BuildingReal Estate Due Diligence

SurePoint Environmental Associates is fully qualified to perform any type of environmental assessments and investigations. Our team has years of experience in performing Phase One Environmental Site assessments (ESA’s), Phase Two ESA’s. Below is a complete list of real estate due diligence services.

  • Phase I ESAs (ASTM E-1527-05, E-1527-13) – AAI Compliant
  • Environmental Transaction Screen (ASTM 1528)
  • Desktop Property Database Reviews
  • Pre-purchase Consultation Service
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Lead Based Paint Sampling
  • Limited/Modified Environmental Reports
  • Right-Of-Way Corridor ESAs
  • Risk Based Assessments
  • Quick turnaround of assessments to inform of potential “deal-breaking” environmental issues
  • Phase II Subsurface Investigations
    • Soil boring(s) with sampling and analysis
    • Simple yes no subsurface media impact assessments
    • Impact Extent Investigations
    • Existing Groundwater Monitoring Well Sampling