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Phase I – ESA – Lafayette, Indiana


Phase I – ESA – Lafayette, Indiana

SurePoint Environmental Associates conducted a Phase I ESA for an undeveloped property near the city of Lafayette. The property was being purchased for redevelopment into a park and walk way for local residents. Several RECs were discovered during the Phase I ESA. A portion of the subject property was used a historic farmstead and several wells, cisterns and debris piles were observed during the site reconnaissance. In addition the property was utilized as a used car sales and automobile repair facility in the late 1980’s and 1990’s. Large oil stained areas were observed surrounding a historic auto maintenance building foundation location.

Due to the site observations and potential impact to the subsurface from leaking oil or poor waste handling practices recognized environmental concerns (REC) were noted. A Phase II subsurface investigation was recommended.

A subsurface investigation was conducted to determine the extent of impact on observed area. The Phase II subsurface investigation determined that the impact was shallow and localized. Remedy included removal of the small oil impacted areas. The material was properly disposed at an approved landfill. The property was able to be transferred in a short time period after the impacts were removed.